Pushing Dead


Dan’s been HIV positive for 22 years. He’s got his $3,000-a-month pill regimen down like clockwork, but when he deposits a $100 birthday check and suddenly doesn’t qualify for his assisted healthcare plan, he’s got to scramble to get his life together or risk losing it.


James Roday

Danny Glover

Robin Weigert

Khandi Alexander

Difficult as you might think it would be to make light of such a dark subject, Pushing Dead pulls off this singular feat with grace and style, balancing irreverence with humanity… Pushing Dead somehow manages to deliver sizeable laughs without sacrificing character, compassion or authenticity.
Director Tom E. Brown takes on a cruel, absurdly structured medical system with a light touch and gentle humanity.
That Brown makes [Pushing Dead] screamingly funny is a testament to his pitch-perfect sense of the absurd.
Killer Movie Reviews
Utterly hilarious. One of the most charming comedies I’ve seen in years.
The Independent
Crafty screenwriting and a charismatic cast.
San Jose Mercury News
Director Tom E. Brown confidently directs, forming a complex tapestry of laughter and tears, and lead actors James Roday and Danny Glover are wonderfully empathetic in their respective roles. There is something deeply human about Pushing Dead that just works.
Crossfader Magazine